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ingenum ForeSight

Dedicated animal health intelligence

AI-powered animal health insights


Ingenum ForeSIght is built on our proprietary iGN AI, a pre-trained animal health neural network that analyses vast and complex layers of agricultural and animal health data for patterns of disease. This pattern detection is multifunctional and can deliver incredible real-time insights for your business and customers.

We work with environmental, stock movement, agritech and veterinary data companies to train ForeSight to provide powerful, real-time, actionable information.


Give your customers a leading edge with continuously-updated benchamarking tools.

Respond faster to emerging threats to your customers and your business.

Invest and plan with greater confidence in food security supply chains.

Meet reporting compliance requirements automatically and improve your contribution to national biosecurity.

Outbreak detection, faster

World-first animal disease detection AI.

Outbreak detection is core to our mission. ForeSight is our flagship application and the driving force that underpins all of our research and development. ForeSight offers effective, anonymised early warnings of emerging animal health patterns, helping every user to make a safe and meaningful difference to global biosecurity.


Build better customer experience with smarter benchmarking

Versatile options for biological trait reporting

To find the earliest warnings of emerging diseases, ForeSight also learns normal daily and seasonal patterns of animal health across multiple species and enterprises.


ForeSight provides these real-time, accessible, powerful insights into animal health to help you serve your customers.


These insights are built on internationally recognised taxonomies of clinical terms and language so you can build with confidence.


Forecast the future with real-time data

Predictive models for endemic and exotic diseases help you predict with precision

ForeSight outcomes can be fine-tuned to provide longer term forecasts for specific endemic diseases.  

Help your teams and your customers make critical decisions with accurate forecasts.

Predictive forecasts

Make a meaningful difference to biosecurity

Seamlessly and safely contribute to biosecurity while supporting your customers


Our users

Join our development and data sharing partners and make a meaningful difference to biosecurity

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