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ingenum WorkMate

Practical solutions for front-line vets

clinical histories

Automated invoicing


Earlier disease detection

Deeper practice insights

Seamless integrations

Seamlessly integrated with the Sentinel disease detection AI

A natural veterinary language

Generative AI technologies are changing how we all approach our jobs. Our ingenum Language Model (iLM) is a versatile, intelligent generative AI, specifically trained to provide evidence-based responses for WorkMate.

We work with pioneering veterinarians from New Zealand and Australia to deeply understand the challenges faced in the clinic and the field. We have been humbled by the support and input from our pathfinding vets. Through them, ingenum WorkMate has learned to speak their language.


Choose ingenum WorkMate to support your frontline veterinary role.


Create rich clinical histories in under 60 secs


Focus on animal care, not paperwork

Speak in plain English directly into your phone or jot down some bullet points and WorkMate generates you a comprehensive and consistent clinical record using a SOAP format (with a corresponding invoice) ready to submit to your Practice Management System (or Xero) on the spot. Save it as a draft to finish later or submit it straight away.

Ingenum WorkMate draws on the scientific literature, high quality past clinical records, and our clients' historical notes to instantly create rich, consistent records. When notes are missing, WorkMate will even prompt for more clarity to ensure that it captures everything that's important, and nothing that isn't.



Give WorkMate a short summary of your consultation or visit.


Allow WorkMate to interpret your prompt using its specific training.


Review WorkMate's 

comprehensive clinical notes and quickly edit if required.

Never miss an invoice item

Learned personalised invoicing

While creating rich clinical histories, WorkMate will automatically complete your invoices with those practice-specific line items that get forgotten, break down procedures into chargeable items, and even learn to recognise key commands. 

WorkMate creates a user-friendly client summary — including important clinical information such as withdrawal periods — that will arrive instantly in their inbox or phone. 

Simply dictate or type short input

Ingenum Workmate draws on its rich history of invoices to create a detailed and exhaustive invoices based on your prompt.

ingenum WorkMate identifies SKUs from Practice Management System

Ingenum WorkMate cross references your input with your practice Stock Keeping Units.

Review the invoice before submitting

Scroll and edit invoice items before syncing with your Practice Management System.

Automatically send a summary to to your client.

Generate an informative summary with clinical instructions for your clients.


Answer everyday questions with authority


A veterinary language model

Built on the wisdom of more than 38,000 peer-reviewed articles as well as live data from our global ForeSight system, WorkMate presents the most powerful and adaptable generative technology available for those responsible for animal health care.

WorkMate can adapt to your practice terms and policies to generate practice-specific responses to lift all your vets, together.

'Hey ingenum, are these respiratory signs I am seeing in this cow part of a bigger pattern?'

Delve into your own data with the power of AI

Language-driven insights

Instantly summarise clinical histories and share with other vets in your practice and lab partners.


Use smart practice insights and local benchmark figures to give your clients the edge.

Anonymous, private, and secure information on revenue, inventory, and clinical risk from your vets and vets across the industry. 

Plays nicely by design
Full API integrations
WorkMate offers full API integration and can sync seamlessly with your existing Practice Management Software (PMS) or accounting product. All notes and invoices created by WorkMate can then be managed by your PMS or accounting software as usual.

PMS integrations

We are working with most major veterinary practice management software providers to seamless integrate ingenum WorkMate.

Veterinary literaure

We integrate with the SciQuest database permitting access to over 38,000 veterinary articles.

Data secure

We prioritise data security and manage all our data to the highest level.

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