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Introducing a step change for global animal health

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ingenum ForeSight

Our story

We have always been driven by disease detection and control. When we set out to build an AI platform for all emerging animal diseases we discovered we could make a generational difference animal care.


We knew that we had to make our findings acessible to frontline animal health professionals so we built a unique science-based language model and asked our veterinary colleagues how they might use it.

And thats when things really got exciting.

MaVIS stands for our Machine-led Veterinary Information System. It solves day to day problems for veterinarians but that is just the beginning...

User-led by design

We let our users lead development. 


A frontline veterinary role is complex and hard work. We work hard with our pathfinding veterinarians and their practices to train our model to perform day to day tasks for them. In turn, they help us turn this into a world-leaading disease detection tool.

Take a look around some of the functions that we have built or are working towards.

Fronline veterinarians
Seamless integrations

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Early disease detection

Make a meaningful difference to our biosecurity.

Automated invoicing

We've pre-trained our AI to do those tasks that stop you doing your properly, likje your invoicing

Practice-level insights

Get deeper richer insights into your own data and benchmark for your clients on the fly.

Augmented clinical notes

Combined intelligence of our AI and the best veterinary minds to lift your game

Evidence-based intelligence

Fine tune your own veterianry assistant based on over 50,000 international veterinary science articles, 

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MaVIS - our Machine-led veterinary information system

We listened to 

Practice Management System integrations

Software partner integrations

You told us that you 

Curated literature


over 50,000 relevant veterinary sceintific articles 

Data Security

Highly secure

Our software is built to 

Join our pathfinding veterinary practices in New Zealand and Australia

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